It is having deep love for life and and happy sense that the thought of Chinese tea with total culture is tended to , and what Buddhism spirit is emphasized is bitter and quiet . Buddhism was introduced to China since Han Dynasty as outside culture. Used for praying for blessings, praying for the longevity, asking and was full of children or protected the country peacefully by the palace , noble at that time. Buddha there is early most people drink tea at the Jin Dynasty towards. The government affairs of north and south, Buddhism ruled uses for anaesthetizing ordinary people. As skill of ruling, past dynasties emperor towards glad to utilize after this, Buddhism develop, different school's systems appear. Buddhism it is flexible for Zen Buddhism to advocate, can consert with other traditional culture , make tea culture to can develop rapidly the Tang Dynasty, make the wind of the drink tea popular so far in the whole country. Buddhism dissolve enter " quiet " thought among tea, tea people is it integrate oneself in mountains and rivers , nature through the drink tea to hope, bright metre in verse , spirit release among drink tea. Have to go to spirit it finds sustenance to be one " realize " too , say drink tea can attain the Way , tea there is dish among tea, Buddha and tea link . Two word , " tea ceremony " of China , propose by deep meditation monk this bring the height of spirit up to drink tea from skill at first. Tang and Song Dynasty temple(Buddhist) set up large-scale tea dinner often. On the dinner of tea , should discuss Sutras and tea ceremony , compose verses, discuss Buddhism monastic rule for Buddhists , drink tea by with Buddhism philosophic theory, idea combine together life, new way to open up culture of tea. With respect to gift of the folk tea, the tea appearance of imperial court is difficult to imitate, institute's tea gift of deep meditation is easy to accept by common people, so Buddhism is of great impact.

  It was in the 6 to 5th century B.C. that Buddhism was created (roughly equal to Confucius of our country , Laozi times) by ancient Indian Sakyamuni, introduced to our country by the Western Regions at first, began to spread wide in the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and held it when Tang in Sui and Tang dynasties, there are many Buddhism temples in the whole country, the economy of the temple has got outstanding development too, among them the tea is the important content .

  The prosperity period of the tea of our country is the Tang Dynasty, the wind was held on the basis of Zen Buddhism development of Buddhism, because close eye to be quiet to think in sitting in meditation, extremely easy to fall asleep, " let the drink tea only " in sitting in meditation.

  of our country monk and Taoist priest practise Buddhism or Taoism beverage spent often to practise austerities already in the Jin Dynasty such as Wei in fact. For instance: Luyu monk and Taoist priest drink historical data of tea at the numerous one the Jin Dynasty and the Southern Dynasties such as citation at the The Classic of Tea. Whether guide record is it claim to " clear up line should is it continue famous person biography to say " among them. "Clears up the law precious jade, is surnamed Yang, the east people of river, river, meet the real monarch military health hill temple , hang down and hang the car every year in the Yongjia, meal drink tea. "it and can't quote " record Song " title:" Mythical bird like the phoenix , prince of Xin'an ,, prince , chapter of Henan Province , still , visit covered with clouds to help Taoist priest on eight common mountain, the Taoist priest has tea tender tea leaves, what the son still distinguished the flavor of is called: ' sweet dew this even, where speech tea tender tea leaves '? ! " . This proves in Wai Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the monk and Taoist priest of our country has already still had wind of tea.

   Not only pays attention to the tea in the temple of our country, but also produce, propagate, and the centre that study tea. In ancient times, only the temple has ready conditions to study the tea most too, improve quality . Because there are certain real estates in the temple, Buddhist monk take part in the work, they have time, educated to is it stress complexion of tea build , product drink art and write book compose poem to propagate the culture of the tea to come, so, there is saying of " famous tea of famous temple from ancient times " in our country.

  Not only to the culture , curing by drying it over a fire unique technology of the tea , but also pay attention to the drink tea way very much in Buddhism temple . Temple have " tea hall ", the place where for the deep meditation monk to argue Buddhism and pay attention to , entertain the alms giver , taste fragrant tea; " tea drum " in the hall of France is the drum convening all monk's drink tea to hit . Temple in addition set up " tea head " specially also , is it boil boiled tea to manage , offer tea receive guests; Send " construct tea monk " several in front of the door in temple , oblige the tea. The tea in the temple , called " the temple tea ", the general use is three: Support Buddha , receive guests , satisfy one's own needs or desires. According to " rough Ou will " year , feel Buddhist monk , forest of institute receive guests medium-sized tea , satisfy one's own needs or desires tea such as being following , support Buddha with first-class tea. " temple tea " have much item according to Buddha canon square, every day in front of Buddha, before the hall, enshrine and worship the millet paste before the fairy, called " establishing tea "; Called " giving up the cured tea " according to the priority drink tea of initiated into monkhood service life; Beg alms tea obtained to beg for food , call " take tea " ,etc.. The people who study Buddha pay attention to study always, all things in life, with studying Buddha, professing Buddhism to get in touch, so that the respect for Buddha and progress of studying Buddha, this way is actually comparatively effectual, and certainly the drink tea is listed in this category. Much Buddhism Holy Land , famous mountain temple of our country plant tea tree, the Buddhist monk adopts and makes by oneself by oneself, the drink tea prays to Buddha, cultivate the moral character and nourish the nature, Buddhist monks are countless at advanced age , study carefully its macrobiotic reason, have relations with long-term drink tea. Interconnected system but speech ,whether not at the tea one planting, popularization , the tea dinner form , tea culture , drink tea of custom propagate respect of to the outside, Buddhism has made enormous contribution. Drink tea of our country it used to its to be to spread into get Japan together with Buddhism.