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Wuhan Jiarun Huiming Tea Co.,Ltd.

Name: Joe Zhou

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Address: 14F, Building B7, Jinyintan Modern Enterprise Center, No.33, Hongtu Ave., Dongxihu District, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430034

Hubei Tea Base

Our tea base passed NASAA’s US organic certification. It adopts natural farming methods to grow tea. The base does not use chemical synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and uses pure artificial and machine physical weeding. The principle of natural ecological balance is followed. The tea base covers an area of 141 hectares and produces 1,800 tons of fresh leaves and 400 tons of made tea annually.

Yunnan Tea Base

Yunnan boasts rich tea resources, which enjoy the world's one of the best natural conditions for tea growth. Making our base a pure natural, pollution-free and original tea producing area in Yunnan province, which rarely does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other inorganic substances. The tea base in the base covers an area of 234 hectares, with an annual output of 3,500 tons of fresh leaves and 756 tons of dry tea.

Anhui Tea Base

Anhui is a province teeming with famous Chinese tea. We have several cooperated tea garden in Anhui, and enable us to provide customers with different varieties of Chinese tea, such as Huangshan Maofeng, Keemum Black Tea, Liu An Gua Pian, Tai Ping Hou Kui, no matter what kinds and quality of the tea, we can provide to our clients.

Fujian Tea Base

Fujian are mainly divided into northern Fujian, southern Fujian and eastern Fujian. The most famous area in northern Fujian is Wuyi Mountain, which mainly produces Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, Zhenghe White Tea and Songxi black tea. Southern Fujian is rich in Anxi Tie Kuan Yin and other oolong varieties; Fuding White Tea is produced in eastern Fujian. The fresh leaves annual output of our base is more than 4000 tons, and there is a production base of 30,000 square meters, covering 2 auto production lines. The refined processing zone adopts international advanced equipment to realize the whole process of tea production without landing, and processes more than 20 tons of tea per day, which ensures the mechanization, cleanliness, standardization and large-scale production of tea.

Zhejiang Shaoxing Tea Base

Tea garden area of more than 600 hectares, with the most modern matcha production line, organic fertilizer production processing plant, using Germany organic tea garden unified certification, production of ecological organic green tea products. The garden supplies matcha raw materials for well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

Guizhou Tea Base

Guizhou belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon humid climate, winter is cold, summer is not heat, four distinct seasons. The unique geographical environment and suitable climate make Guizhou a major green tea producing area in China. Our base covers an area of more than 300 hectares, with an annual output of 2000 tons of fresh leaves and 700 tons of dry tea.

Guangxi Heng County Scented Tea Processing Factory

Guangxi Heng County's output of jasmine and jasmine tea production volumn for 80% of China's output and 60% of the world's output, enjoying the reputation of "The hometown of Jasmine in China" and "the production center of Jasmine and Jasmine tea in the world". Heng County jasmine tea is tight and neat, with strong aroma, fresh and lasting, strong and mellow taste. Our workshop area has 1750 square meters.